welcome to my portfolio!
Imagine the pressure of deciding on a college major, only to find that none of the conventional career paths are of interest. As a child, I was always known as the scholar in the classroom, but my true passion lay in the arts. Despite having limited resources growing up in the Virgin islands, I deeply loved drawing, painting, crafts, and more. I took advantage of every opportunity in my extracurricular activities to explore different art mediums, even if I wasn't the best at some of them. This creative exploration ultimately led me to design and all the possibilities it offered. 
Hello, my name is Larisma Maduro. I am a talented Graphic Designer/Illustrator with a strong ability to create eye-catching, impressive branding and marketing designs that align with big-picture marketing strategy, both in digital and print formats. Illustration is also a passion of mine, whether it's illustrating characters, designing playful logos, or working with visually engaging typography.
 Here you will find my design work from a variety of passion projects and freelance work.